• Flow racks mean permanent availability, very compact storage and a particularly high picking performance of a very large number of items from cartons, boxes, crates at low investment costs.
  • Typical applications of the order picking flow racks are in shipping and internet trade, food, white goods distribution centres, provision in manufacturing and assembly.
  • Carton flow racking is also known as unit load flow racking, carton flow racking or carton flow
  • Flow racks usually work according to the First In First Out (FIFO) principle.
  • On one side of the flow rack the flow channel is loaded, on the other side unloaded.
  • A flow rack can also be automatically loaded by stacker cranes
  • The order picking flow racks can be designed as a stand-alone solution or integrated into pallet racking.
Support frame with flowshelves
COMBI flowshelves with roller tracks
  • A flow rack for order picking consists of several flow levels on top of each other.
  • A flowshelf can be up to 3600mm wide as standard.
  • A flowshelf consists of several channels equipped with roller tracks.
  • A continuous channel can be up to 3000mm deep as standard. However, AQS also manufactures channels of 10m deep and longer.
  • AQS wheels are mounted on steel axles for best running properties, long service life and particularly quiet running, each with a high load capacity (12 daN).
  • Brake rollers enable diverse applications, e.g. sorter buffers, supermarket applications particularly high inclination or deep flow racks
  • The weight range offered by AQS is unique in the market.
  • Brake rollers can be retro fitted by easy replacement instead of a roller
  • High conductive rollers (ESD version) available on request.
  • The 33 mm roller pitch offers the best running properties even with the smallest stored goods
  • For special applications we can develop individual lane guide rails
  • Very easy and fast assemby due to tool-free insertion of the beams, roller and guide rails
  • The flow racks, levels and channels are individually adapted to all types and sorts of packages, cartons, boxes, crates


  • A flow rack for order picking consists of several flow levels on top of each other.
  • The number and design of the levels is ergonomically optimised
  • The standard rack height is available in 1,800, 2,120 or 2,520 mm.
  • The adjustment increments of the flow levels is 20mm for setting an optimum slope
  • Picking tray, handrail, step supports available for a fatigue-free work environment
  • AQS's own support frames, a flexible screw/module system, serves as the supporting structure for the flowshelves.
  • Pallet beams can be provided for stocking above the picking levels
  • AQS flowshelves can be integrated into an existing pallet rack
  • All standard pallet racks can be used with mounting by our universal upright adapter.
With the universal upright adapter, our flowshelves can be integrated into the pallet racks of all common manufacturers.
Pallet racking with adapters in practice
The support hook for the flowshelf is inserted into the upright adapter.
Particularly easy assembly and fixing of the roller tracks

The last-in-first-out (LIFO) principle describes a storage operation in which the goods that were stored last are taken out again first.  This type of storage is mainly used when identical goods are held several times in a larger quantity.
The first-in-first-out (FIFO) principle describes a storage operation in which the goods that were put into storage first are taken out again first.  This principle is a particularly useful type of storage method when it comes to goods with expiry dates or when monitoring changing production series.

Supermarkt SHELF

  • Supermarket shelving is used in production companies
  • Supermarket shelves stock the components for the assembly stations
  • If a toolbox with components is empty, the next box slides forward for removal
  • The channels are suitable for high loads
  • The channels can be configured individually for each box type
  • The channels can be equipped with separation technology
  • Often our flow channels serve to connect two machining stations
  • The length of the channels can be designed up to 20m long